We have an limited time offer for customers looking to buy Track Guides / Track Guards.

We are giving away a FREE Astrak beanie hat with every Track Guide bought during February 2020*

Astrak’s Track Guides are designed to help prevent the headache of derailment and damage to your machines undercarriage by guiding the track links through the flanges of the bottom rollers.

Heavy-duty Track Guides / Track Guards

Made from specially selected high-grade steel, our Track Guides (sometimes called Track Guards) assist in keeping tracks correctly aligned while in operation, prevent track links from disengaging from track rollers and they also provide a good level of protection from dirt and debris that can lead to premature component wear.

Astrak stock a wide range of heavy duty Track Guides / Track Guards for most popular makes and models of 13T – 35T excavators.

Wear & Tear

As with every component on a machine, Track Guides are subject to wear and tear and we encourage our customers to include them in their regular machine inspections to ensure their undercarriage is performing at it’s best. A Track Guide that is worn or damaged may cause damage to the machine’s rollers or track links and needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Next Day Delivery

Thanks to Astrak’s highly efficient logistics network, the company can, in most cases, assure delivery on site next day throughout the UK.

Nationwide Fitting Service

Astrak can arrange for a team of professional plant fitters to bring your machinery back to life while in the midst of a busy construction project. We also have a modern and well equipped workshop located next to our Kirkcaldy head office which works hard every day to minimise machinery downtime for our customers.

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* Customers are entitled to one beanie per track guide ordered.  Beanies will be sent separately after completion of each sale. Please allow 10 working days for delivery of your beanie. Offer applies to UK customers only and ends 28 February 2020.

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