Astrak supplies a wide range of heavy duty idler assemblies for many Hyundai tracked machines.

All idlers are available from stock for immediate despatch.

In addition to our DuraTrack and ProTrack brands, as UK distributors of Berco products, Astrak have access to the full Berco range of idlers for all machine types and applications. Cast idler assemblies come complete with heavy duty seal groups, shafts and brackets.

Please contact our support team if your Hyundai model is not listed below.

We supply Idler Assemblies for the following Hyundai models:

HX140 L HX145LCR HX220L HX235LCR HX260L HX300L HX330L HX480 HX520 L R130LC-3 R140LC-7 R140LC-7A R140LC-9 R145LCR-9 R160LC-3 R160LC-7 R160LC-9 R180LC-7 R180LC-9 R210LC-3 R210LC-7 R210LC-9 R210NLC-7 R210NLC-9 R220LC-9A R235LCR-9 R250LC-3 R250LC-7 R250LC-9 R250NLC-3 R290LC-7 R290LC-9 R290NLC-7 R305LC-7 R320LC-7 R320LC-9 R450 LC-7 R450-7 R480LC-9 R500LC-7A R520 LC-9 R750LC-7 R800 7A R800 LC-7A

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