Astrak supplies a wide range of heavy duty idler assemblies for many Hitachi tracked machines.

All idlers are available from stock for immediate despatch.

In addition to our DuraTrack and ProTrack brands, as UK distributors of Berco products, Astrak have access to the full Berco range of idlers for all machine types and applications. Cast idler assemblies come complete with heavy duty seal groups, shafts and brackets.

Please contact our support team if your Hitachi model is not listed below.

We supply Idler Assemblies for the following Hitachi models:

CG110 CG65 EX08 EX100-1 EX100-2 EX100-3 EX100-5 EX110-5 EX12 EX120-1 EX120-2 EX120-3 EX120-5 EX130 H-5 EX135 EX15 EX150LC-5 EX16 EX160LC-5 EX16-2 EX165 EX165LC EX17 EX17-2 EX17U EX200-2 EX200-3 EX200-5 EX200LC-2 EX200LC-3 EX200LC-5 EX210-5 EX210LC-5 EX215 EX215LC EX220-1 EX220-2 EX220-3 EX220-5 EX220LC-1 EX220LC-2 EX220LC-3 EX220LC-5 EX220USR EX22-2 EX230-5 EX230LC-5 EX25 EX255 EX255LC EX270-2 EX270-5 EX270LC-5 EX27U EX285 EX285LC EX29U EX30 EX300-1 EX300-2 EX300-3 EX300-5 EX300LC-1 EX300LC-2 EX300LC-3 EX300LC-5 EX30-2 EX30UR EX330-5 EX330LC-5 EX35 EX35-2 EX355LC EX35U EX35U-1 EX40 EX400 EX400-3 EX400-5 EX400LC EX400LC-5 EX40-2 EX40UR EX40UR-1 EX40UR-2 EX40URG EX45 EX450-5 EX60-2 EX60-3 EX60-5 EX60LC-3 EX60LC-5 EX75UR EX75UR-3 (Type 1) EX75UR-3 (Type 2) EX75UR-5 EX75US-7 EX80-5 EX80U ZX08 ZX10U-2 ZX110 ZX110-3 ZX120-3 ZX125US ZX130 ZX130-3 ZX130-5 ZX130-6 ZX130LCN ZX130LCN-3 ZX130LCN-5 ZX130LCN-6 ZX135US ZX135US-3 ZX135US-5 ZX135US-6 ZX14-3 ZX16 ZX160LC ZX160LC-3 ZX16-3 ZX17U-2 ZX18 ZX180LC ZX180LC-3 ZX180LCN-3 ZX180LCN-5 ZX18-3 ZX19 ZX200 ZX200-3 ZX200LC ZX200LC-3 ZX210 ZX210-3 ZX210-5 ZX210LC ZX210LC-3 ZX210LC-5 ZX210NLC-5 ZX225US ZX225US-3 ZX225USLC ZX225USLC-3 ZX225USLC-5 ZX225USLC-6 ZX225USRLC-5 ZX22U-2 ZX230-3 ZX230LC-3 ZX240-3 ZX240LC-3 ZX240N-4 ZX25 ZX250-3 ZX250LC-3 ZX250LC-5 ZX250NLC-5 ZX270 ZX270-3 ZX270LC-3 ZX27-3 ZX27U ZX27U-2 ZX27U-3 ZX280LC ZX280LC-3 ZX290LC-5 ZX30 ZX300LC-6 ZX30U-2 ZX30U-3 ZX330 ZX330-3 ZX330LC ZX330LC-3 ZX33U-3 ZX35 ZX350 ZX350-3 ZX350LC ZX350LC-3 ZX350LC-5 ZX35U-2 ZX38U-3 ZX40 (Type 2) ZX40U-2 ZX40U-3 ZX450 ZX450H ZX450LC ZX450LC-3 ZX450LCH ZX450LCH-3 ZX470LCH-3 ZX48U-3 ZX48U-5 ZX50 ZX50U (Type 2) ZX50U-2 ZX50U-3 ZX52U-3 ZX55U-5 ZX70 ZX70LC ZX70LC-3 ZX75UR ZX80SB ZX80SBLC ZX85US ZX85USB-3 ZX85USB-5

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