Astrak supplies a wide range of heavy duty idler assemblies for many CAT tracked machines.

All idlers are available from stock for immediate despatch.

In addition to our DuraTrack and ProTrack brands, as UK distributors of Berco products, Astrak have access to the full Berco range of idlers for all machine types and applications. Cast idler assemblies come complete with heavy duty seal groups, shafts and brackets.

Please contact our support team if your CAT model is not listed below.

We supply Idler Assemblies for the following CAT models:

259B3 259D 279C 287C 289C 297C 299C 300.9D 301.4C 301.5 301.6 301.6C 301.7D 301.8 301.8C 302.2D 302.5 302.5C 303 CR 303.5 303.5C CR 303.5D CR 303.5E CR 303C CR 303E CR 304 CR 304.5 304C CR 304D CR 305 CR 305.5D CR 305.5E CR 305C CR 305D CR 305E CR 307 307B (Type 1 – 135pitch) 307B (Type 2 – 154pitch) 307C 307D 308C CR 308D CR 308E CR 311C 311D 311D L 311E 311E L 312 312B 312B L 312C 312C L 312D 312D L 312E 312E L 313 313B 313C 313D 313F 314C CR 314C LCR 314D L 314E L 315 315 L 315B 315B L 315C 315C L 315D 315D L 316E 316E L 317 317B L 317B LN 318B 318B L 318B N 318C 318C DAH 318C L 318D L 318E L 319C L 319D L 320 320B 320B L 320C 320C L 320D 320D L 320E 320E L 321B 321C 321D 322 322 L 322B 322B L 322C 322C L 322D 322D L 323D 323D L 323E L 323F L 324D 324D L 324E L 325 325B 325B L 325C 325D 325D L 328D L 329D 329D L 329E 329E L 330 330 L 330B 330B L 330C 330C L 330D L 330F L 336D 336D L 336E 336E L 336F L 345B 345B L 345C L 345D 345D L 349E L 352F L 365B L 365C L 374D L 953C – 175pitch 953C – 190pitch 963 D3G LGP D3G XL D3K LGP D3K XL D4G XL D4H D4H LGP D4H XL D4K LGP D4K XL D5H Fine Grader D5H LGP D5H XL D5M LGP D5M XL D5N LGP D5N XL D6H D6H LGP D6H XL D6H XR D6M Fine Grader D6M LGP D6M XL D6N Fine Grader D6N LGP D6N XL D6R D6R LGP D6R XL D6R XR D6T D6T LGP D6T XL D6T XW D8N D8R D8T

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