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Civil engineering is vital in helping to shape our modern world.

Civil engineers design, create and connect up the world around us.

Civil engineering projects such as road building, hospitals, hydro-electric schemes, bridges, tunnelling, windfarms and the multitude of modern utility services involves lots of heavy machinery.

Every hour of machine downtime results in immense loss of productivity which is why you need a reliable wear part provider you can rely on. Look no further than Astrak; we have the expertise to propose solutions that will increase machine uptime, productivity and return on investment.

Maximising Machinery Uptime

When you’re hard on critical infrastructure projects that the UK’s economy relies on, we will maximise your machine productivity with proven wear part solutions you can count on.

From bucket teeth, cutting edges and undercarriage parts to custom made wear plates, Astrak is your one-stop shop for all your construction machinery undercarriage and wear part requirements.

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