We listened and we delivered… Duratrack Undercarriage Conversion Kits.

Dry joints can be a problem for machines fitted with Cat® SystemOne and Komatsu® PLUS undercarriages. These proprietary systems are expensive compared to Astrak’s DuraTrack SALT undercarriages, which have been proven to perform better in a broader range of applications.

Complicated rotating bushing systems claim to increase wear life and reduce machine downtime with lower repair and maintenance costs.

For many, the reality has proven to be quite the opposite, especially in high-impact environments where these systems fail to deliver on their promises. Large repair bills and expensive downtime are unfortunately all too common in these conditions.

With that in mind, Astrak designed and engineered a unique undercarriage conversion kit that returns these Dozers to the industry standard SALT configuration.

Introducing Astrak’s Cat® SystemOne™ / Komatsu® PLUS™ conversion kit.
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Introducing Astrak’s Cat® SystemOne™ / Komatsu® PLUS™ conversion kit.

It is a relatively simple process that is guaranteed to increase the machine’s cost-effectiveness over its lifetime through reduced repair costs. The tried and tested SALT system has been proven to be reliable and dependable in ALL conditions.

Having already performed numerous conversions for many happy customers, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands and well on your way to saving money and giving your dozer a new lease of life. It’s total peace of mind, guaranteed!

It’s Your Choice…

Astrak is happy to provide all the parts you need and step-by-step instructions if you prefer to carry out the conversion yourself. Alternatively, you can sit back and let us do all the work, knowing it’s being fitted to the highest possible standard, backed up by a comprehensive warranty.

Give us a call and speak to one of our experts, who’ll go through both options and find out what works best for you!

SystemOne Conversion Kits by Astrak
Potentially a huge saving in itself, new centre track guards (for Cat® models) are included.

Industry-leading Warranty

All DuraTrack undercarriage components come with a comprehensive three-year, 3000-hour warranty. This underlines our confidence in the range to meet or exceed other manufacturer’s undercarriages’ performance. We provide a 12-month labour warranty when fitting the conversion kit for you.

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